Quartetto Loco

The Third school of Vienna (and a half:) Duo Bottasso encountering the world music of Oscar Antoli and the free jazz of Bo Wiget in an unusual chamber ensemble with violin, clarinet, accordion and cello. New compositions mixing free improv, Eastern and folk sounds, contemporary music.

The musicians met last october in Switzerland in the project Building Bridges, an artistic residency lead by Indian Sitar maestro Gaurav Mazumdar, aimed at creating a common musical language through improvisation and group composition. In March 2022 they did a second residency in Loco (CH) to work on an acoustic quartet program.

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Bo Wiget: cello, yodel
Nicolo Bottasso: violin, octaviolin, trumpet
Oscar Antoli: clarinet, bass clar, kaval
Simone Bottasso: organetto


31st May 2023

Werdenberg, Switzerland

2nd June 2023

Vienna, Austria

2nd August 2022

Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica
Bologna, Italia

4th August 2022

Église de Ristolas
Ristolas, France

5th August 2022

Église de Molines en Queyras
Queyras, France

6th August 2022

Église de Guillestre
Guillestre, France